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Our society is just tragic! There was a movie that just recently came out called Hunger Games, which is based off a book written by Suzanne Collins. The movie was very successful as the book enticed many fans to go support the movie. The movie made $155 million in the first opening week! [maybe I should be going into the entertainment business verses law…] Despite the success of the movie (I have yet to go see it), I was surprised to read an article about how ANGRY the fans were responding to the movie. It wasn’t because the movie was terrible, or it didn’t illustrate the book well, BUT because of the director’s choice of casting actresses/actors!

Let me break it down for you:

As you should get from the title of Hunger Games, you can imagine that there are going to be some characters who are going to die in this movie! One of the characters who meets this terrible fate is Rue. In the book, her race isn’t necessarily stated however there are a few parts that describe her as a “dark skinned” girl. Nevertheless, most of the book fans must have IGNORED that small description and envisioned Rue to be any other race but African American. So, when watching the movie and discovering that Rue was portrayed by a Black girl, many of the fans for the movie was disgusted and upset! Many people expressed their feelings on twitter saying various things like,

“in other news, Rue from the hunger game is black…”

“is it just me that imagined Rue in the Hunger Games books to be white? Disappointed.”

“I was pumped about the Hunger Games. Until I learned that a black girl was playing Rue.”

Cray right?!!? When I read the article, tons of questions popped in my head.

1. Why did people envision the good characters to be white?

2. Why are people upset that some of the good characters AREN’T white?

This led me to believe that people living in our society in 2012 ignorantly believes that BLACK PEOPLE CAN NOT BE GOOD! Why must it be assumed that if you are unaware of the skin color of a person, and they possess desirable traits, then they must not be black?

Here’s the article to read for yourself! Tell me what do you think?!?!

The Article


Is There a PDA Double Standard?

I was reading an article in Essence magazine titled Is there PDA Double Standard? This article was about a Black lesbian couple that were out celebrating their anniversary and had been asked to leave because they were making other restaurant patrons feel “uncomfortable” simply because of a hug and a quick kiss between the couple.

I think that the situation was outrageous and that there is a double standard in PDA. I personally don’t like to see much PDA anyways but it shouldn’t matter if it a homosexual or heterosexual couple. There were probably other couples there that night or that have been there before that may have shared and intimate moment such a kiss and I’m sure they weren’t asked to leave. The manager should be fired because he should never be allowed to ask someone to leave based on PDA with a partner of the same sex!

Homosexuality my newest love!!

In class, it seems like we can tie in being a feminist and being a lesbian, especially being a black feminist or black lesbian.  So with this post I just wanted to express how much I love, in general, gay people.  I always have an utmost respect for someone who is just being themselves regardless of society or cultural norms.  I came into college with a completely different mindset than I have now.  This having  a lot to do with how I was raised and being from a small town.  I tell some of my gay friends all the time that in my high school their was two guys that we considered questionable and both were white, that’s it.  As far as girls, it was “oh their just tom boys”; “their just in a phase they’ll grow out of it”.  So basically I was not introduced to it at all until college.  Now probably over half of my friends here at Charlotte are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and all of the above.  I love the fact that people are more comfortable with being themselves and not having to hide.  I love the fact that society is more open to the idea of homosexuality and embracing it.  There are some things I hate though.  I hate that if you’re homosexual you’re considered an abomination.  I hate that gay people still do not have all of their rights.  I hate that their are gay hate crimes.  I hate that their are homophobes.  I hate that guys feel like they have to say “no homo” after expressing deep emotions for something.  I hate the fact that i know my mother and father would not approve of me being gay…..

You cannot help who you are attracted too, and if you’re reading this and you feel like I’m completely wrong, or that you will never except people who are gay that is completely fine.  Just know I have my opinion and you have yours.  I cannot stand hearing the argument that being gay is wrong and etc.  Regardless if its wrong or not its not your life.  No one is asking you to be the way they are, but their asking you to not act any differently towards them because they are who they are.  In the Bible it says to love everyone, be kind and show compassion towards everyone.  That is what I plan on doing.  It took me a while to say it but I am proud to say that I am a black female who is bi sexual and I love me some me!




FCP and slut shaming

My class for women’s sexuality was required to read the novel Female Chauvinistic Pigs and it got me thinking about the similarities I see within this class between black women objectifying themselves in the name of independence. The fact is, in the 21st century women are still judged for their appearance, and now perhaps more than ever beauty is revered within women. Being beautiful can literally make you millions. Women are constantly put in the impossible position of profiting from their looks and being seen as sluts or being seen as invisible, unattractive, and without worth. The book emphasizes that, over time even feminism has co-opted bad habits of sexualizing women, by socializing them to be extremely free(have extremely relaxed boundaries) about their body and sexuality. At the same time this freedom still comes with an extreme stigma that I believe is evident in many aspects of our culture (strippers fist fighting over their pimps on the Jerry Springer show, video girls dating rappers, Real Housewives of Wherever).

Slut shaming is a common practice whether we identify it as such or not. The slut walks nationwide do what they can to provide awareness that slut shaming is still a reality. The 1st lady gets slut shamed all over the internet. Women are demeaned in music, especially rap, and turn around and dance to it because they say they like the beat; no one takes it too seriously, because everything is framed as a joke. Slut shaming is still a large issue that rearing its ugly head in even the most unlikely situations and needs feminist activism to continue to combat it.

Role of Black Women in Music Videos

Last week in my Women and the Media class we analyzed music videos, specifically rap and Hip Hop. One of the themes we discussed was the role that Black and Latina women perform in rap videos. Often times, women of color play the role of being a sexually objectified video vixen that captures the attention of everyone in the video. These women are casted based on their bodies and how open they are to doing certain things in the video.

It just seems like in today’s society, we have fewer and fewer positive roles within the media. This bothers me because I don’t want younger girls growing up and viewing the different roles that African American women play in the media and thinking that’s something that they want to be when they grow up. I often hear girls saying, “I wish I had a bigger butt or bigger breasts”. I feel like with the way the media is going now, we will have many girls just like Pecola, chasing something that’s not them.

Independent Women

I love this Destiny’s Child song because growing up I didn’t necessarily consider myself to be independent at all. I was a teenager and I was still depending on my mama for everything and I was in school full-time. I hear a lot of black females claiming that they are independent and that they are doing everything on their own and I commend them for that but then there are some who complain about not having a man to take care of them. I feel that some women contradict themselves with this because if you are independent then you should not complain about how men should be taking care of you when he honestly don’t owe you anything. Then there are some women who claim they are independent but living fully on the government and not doing anything with their lives but having kids and clubbing or running the streets. I’m not trying to tear down anybody who uses government assistance but when you abuse the system and not try to better your life but always claiming you are an independent woman then you are not that at all and it’s time for a change so they can be fully independent women.  I’m not fully independent and I can admit that but I’m working to that even though I have my own place and I’m in school. There still are times where I need help from other people as far as getting from one place to another because I don’t drive or work but I plan on getting there soon. I’m tired of hearing some people I know claiming independence and they are nowhere near to be in a place to claim it for themselves. Being independent requires you to be able to stand alone without depending on nobody else and some people seem to misinterpret the meaning of independence.

 Independent Woman Part 1-Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child Independent Woman Part 1-

You’re not really Black because……..

Being the proper little black girl in a room of “real black people”, has lived with me for so long.  When I was younger I attended an predominately white elementary school. I attended etiquette classes and danced ballet. I was in this world of privilege and afforded the opportunities that many were not. In that life I spoke properly and acted a certain way dressed a certain way. Once I left elementary my mother enrolled me into an arts magnet school. The only problem was it was predominately black. I felt like an outsider the first day of class. In class I spoke to properly in dance I stood out because I could do a plié and I danced to classical and alternative music instead of the popular hip hop. I was picked on and talked about so much the first day I refused to go back the second day.  My mother convinced me to go back to school and give it another try in which I did but that is when the trouble started. I would get in trouble every day for fighting and arguing in class. Eventually I switched middles school and it was a mix crowd and I excelled in class and finished top of my class.

The purpose of me sharing this story was brought on by the bluest eye and the way Maureen was treated by Frieda and her sister. I could relate to Maureen because I was too treated in evil ways by people of my own color because I spoke properly and dressed in a “yuppie” way. But who is to say what is being black enough. Where is the line drawn because I speak properly and I dress with purpose then I am not black enough. I feel that the experiences I had as a child have some ways influenced my lifestyle now both negatively and positively as well. As far as language and speech I continue to speak properly because that is the way it is supposed to be and not TXT talking in a professional setting. But in a negative aspect I have changed ways that I act as far as attitude to mimic what a “black girl” is supposed to have to someway try to fit in. I no longer practice ballet because it was not considered a “black girl” thing.  For the longest I struggled with my identity because I was terrorized so much as a child for my mannerisms and speech. I am slowly but surely again finding myself and creating the identity I chose to be.

The term BITCH…

Over my spring break I hung out with my best friend and his guy friends a lot.  The word bitch was thrown around so much that I had to ask the guys why they refer to females as bitches.  One of the males told me because in his experience most of the females that he runs across are bitches and if they act like that then that’s what he is going to call them.  He did admit that all females are not bitches.  Another male told me that he did not know he had just been calling them that for so long that he is use to it.  He said he was pretty sure that females use words to disrespects them like the term “nigga” but as we all know black people use that term to refer to any black person.   I also heard that it had to do with the fact that most females are sneaky and cannot be trusted.  Some of the guys knowing that I did not like the word bitch did try to reword themselves.  I understand that females use that word also but when males throw that word around so much it does get to me.  Some people do act like the name that people refer to them as but it does not make it right.  At least I voiced my opinion and tried to get an understanding of why they use the term.