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Twitter Beef && Reality TV

So I know you’ve all heard of the popularized twitter fight; to believe all this mess started over he said she said mess. But I believe a lot of the actions today are the result of all these reality TV shows. Now don’t get me wrong I can enjoy the drama of Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives or Atlanta Housewives any day but I know the difference of Reality TV and REAL life. You cannot just go and fight someone and record and put it on the internet and think that it is ok. These young females need to realize that they are jeopardizing their future with all of this mess. Do they not realize that employers look at your Facebook and twitter when they consider you for hire? Just the other day I was sitting with my sister when I noticed that she was texting one of her friends. I so happened looked over and seen what they were texting about (boys of all things); I asked her who was this little girl and she pulled up the little girls Facebook now mind you this is a 10 year old girl and she is on Facebook for one and the her profile picture is too too provocative for a 10 year old. I could not believe it. The black community has to do better in putting positive images in front of these girls and show them that it is ok to go to college and get an education and it is cute to wear your clothes with your midriff and backside or breast covered. We need to show them that your brains and inner beauty is what makes you attractive not some sleazy too grown outfit and heavy makeup. I just don’t understand these girls nowadays and how they feel like its ok to fight over these social networks over nonsense and then to take a step further and violate this girl at her home. Now her life is messed up and she will never be able to fulfill her full potential because she has an record. I want these young girls to WAKE UP and see the light of day!!


Interracial couples

I have read most of what has been written by my classmates,and what their thoughts on interracial couples. Living in the south, I believe dating outside ones race is perceived as more of an abnormality than other places. Collins discussed some reasons for resentment within the African American community as women feel abandoned by men dating outside of the race. Most talk of interracial marriage concerns White females and African American males, and interracial relationships are mot often depicted in this manner. I often wondered the true reason for  Black women not being more open to interracial marriage. Collins describes resisting the temptations of men of other races as the way African American women maintain their virtue, as is vital to not be perceived as too promiscuous. The idea of White men being able to  resist sexual partners available to Black men is also stated as a factor as to why there are not more Black women/White men relationships. I have problems with this because historically White men and men in general are not very choosy about their sexual partners. Black women are also not limited to only White men, so there does not have to always be the connection to the slave master/slave relationship.  Collins argues that it is not sex, but partnership with Black women that White men avoid, thus leading Black women to appear overly available if they choose to date outside their race. The marriage market is ever shrinking, and I wonder what other reasons there are for Black women limiting their partner options because I believe there is a large difference between being available and being desperate or cheap. Interracial relationships can promote African American Feminism by expanded the discussions, to individuals in mixed relationships who would normally not care to be involved.

Why Not?

I was talking to my friend earlier and I don’t know how this actually came up, but we were talking about  how we’re young and this is the time to try new things and be excited about life.  Instead people are forever worrying about other people’s business; stressing out over things that don’t even matter.  Why not just smile at someone when you walk by instead of looking at them up and down?  Why not actually be happy for someone instead of pretending and then talking about that person behind their back.  What makes all of this worse is that its mostly women who act like this.  We as women, especially black women, should be standing together; you should know that if you have something going on in your life and you need someone to talk to, you can rely on your “sister” to have that shoulder to lean on; you should know that if you’re excited about something or have good news you can tell your “sister” and she be just as excited for you as if it was happening to her.  Life is too short to be comparing yourself to others and to always be trying to bring someone down.  Why not try to be a better you?


What I have=Who I am?

In today’s society everyone wants the newest electronic item, pair of shoes, and piece of clothing.  In some ways society makes it hard for people not to want the newest item because it is advertised so well; it makes you feel like you have to have it.  If an item someone has on or posses is out of date then a person is likely to say something about it.  We have all said something about what someone else has weather it was out loud or the thought just stayed in our head.  I guess if you have the latest item then you are keeping up with what everyone else is doing and has.  I know that everyone does not have the same resources and may not want the same things as other.  Being different is not a crime but I think often it is presented as just that.  The things people have do not define them, what they do in life and how they choose to use those things do.  I think people should remember this.


I-Female is a magazine that helps inspire, motivate, and encourage every woman. They also aim to educate, empower and uplift women in many different areas such as entrepreneurial development. Furthermore, they bring awareness to domestic violence and depression and allow victims or survivors to look at themselves as strong women. Through the many pages of the magazine and also the website, I-Female hopes to become a voice for young girls, teens, and adult women.

With our discussion talking about how African Americans can develop a more progressive Black Sexual Politics, I feel that this was a good example. This magazine aspires to reconstruct the stigma’s that have been placed on single mothers, and also teach young people how to overcome trails in their life. From the magazine’s website, you can truly conclude that the purpose is to encourage, educate and motivate women. For example below is a youtube video educating viewers of 14 African American Women everyone should familiar with.

Also, the website provides a Quote of the Day. April 24: “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” Norman Vincent Peale

Child Abuse Prevention Month

I wanted to bring attention to everyone that this month is child abuse prevention month. I feel that this is important for everyone to be involved in because the children are our future. Sometimes children can’t always use their voices so having support is what they need. Every 10 seconds a case of child abuse is reported adding up to 3 million cases every year. These numbers are outrageous and something needs to be done to help prevent this.

 The theme for 2012 is “Its no secret…everyone can help.” I hope that everyone can do what they can to help children that are victims of child abuse. Also to know that even if you aren’t the abuser, if you don’t speak up its just as bad.

Spread the word! We all can help! 🙂

The art of art

Art has always been subjective, meaning something different for which interpreter.Sometimes it is a protest against the ugliness the artist sees in the world that they feel is ignored, an ugly reality of life . the thin line between offending to make viewers aware, and the act of offending for shock value is an often contested one that is argued by art critics and artists alike.  Recently I came across two videos that I believe both cross the line to un-artistically obscene. the 1st is a music video glorifying the idea of Black women getting pregnant to be on welfare to absurd dimensions. The ‘artist’ claims that her work is in the air of humor, but seems to loathe her sex and race on some level as many of her other videos are in the same vein as the EBT for me song. The second video is perhaps more disturbing because it is at a Swedish culture minister participating in cutting up a cake of a African woman, vagina first. According to the artist this was to  protest female circumcision, however the execution of it all leaves many wondering if shock and not awareness was the true goal. Throughout the party, the artist was in black face screaming in agony. I didn’t enjoy watching either of these videos particularly, but they make me ask questions about art and free speech. Does controversy really raise awareness and it is the kind of awareness that invokes change, or are these just too sad example of Black people being mixed up?



My Black “Brotha”

Brotha-Angie Stone

I love this song b/c it is an uplifting and empowering song that is about our black men who are in prison or trying to better for their lives. We shouldn’t tear down our black men, we need to build them up and give them encouragement to do better for themselves. It’s an old song but it’s very powerful and we should love our black men. Young men are faced with so many obstacles and society loses faith in them and expect them to do wrong and not be successful. We as a black community don’t make it easier for them either at times because we don’t want to deal with them or quick to judge them and never give them a second chance. What can we do to help these black boys become men? We can start by teaching them how to respect their women and themselves and work for what they want in life.