Why Not?

I was talking to my friend earlier and I don’t know how this actually came up, but we were talking about  how we’re young and this is the time to try new things and be excited about life.  Instead people are forever worrying about other people’s business; stressing out over things that don’t even matter.  Why not just smile at someone when you walk by instead of looking at them up and down?  Why not actually be happy for someone instead of pretending and then talking about that person behind their back.  What makes all of this worse is that its mostly women who act like this.  We as women, especially black women, should be standing together; you should know that if you have something going on in your life and you need someone to talk to, you can rely on your “sister” to have that shoulder to lean on; you should know that if you’re excited about something or have good news you can tell your “sister” and she be just as excited for you as if it was happening to her.  Life is too short to be comparing yourself to others and to always be trying to bring someone down.  Why not try to be a better you?



Posted on April 30, 2012, in BP # 10. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Yes I agree that there is too much focus on, someone elses opinion and what they are doing than the focus on oneself. I have also notice that Black women are the ones who do this the most and that they tend to hate on others within their own race. Depending on what another woman has, or how she looks, and its pretty terrible.

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