What I have=Who I am?

In today’s society everyone wants the newest electronic item, pair of shoes, and piece of clothing.  In some ways society makes it hard for people not to want the newest item because it is advertised so well; it makes you feel like you have to have it.  If an item someone has on or posses is out of date then a person is likely to say something about it.  We have all said something about what someone else has weather it was out loud or the thought just stayed in our head.  I guess if you have the latest item then you are keeping up with what everyone else is doing and has.  I know that everyone does not have the same resources and may not want the same things as other.  Being different is not a crime but I think often it is presented as just that.  The things people have do not define them, what they do in life and how they choose to use those things do.  I think people should remember this.


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  1. I agree w/ you we are not the same and I like new things but I can’t afford things that cost more than a car payment or rent. People think that they got to have the newest thing that comes out but a few months later the next version of the same thing is out and what they have is out of date. There is so many people who are built on materialistic things and we should not worry about material things b/c we can’t take things w/ us when we leave this earth.

  2. I love that you wrote this because I think this is particularly bad within American culture. People judge one another by their material possessions and not their intellect or accomplishments. People in my apartment complex drive BMW’s and Lexus’ but have late rent notices on their doors showing a complete lack of priorities. As a country we idolize millionaires(singers and athletes) who spend their money irresponsibly because they a. make enough to keep them out of financial distress OR b. they don’t care and will run out of money by age 45. No one pays attention to the fact that basing your worth on materialism leaves you empty because many are scrambling to get the new wonder shoe/ipad/car that will fill the void in their soul.

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