Twitter Beef && Reality TV

So I know you’ve all heard of the popularized twitter fight; to believe all this mess started over he said she said mess. But I believe a lot of the actions today are the result of all these reality TV shows. Now don’t get me wrong I can enjoy the drama of Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives or Atlanta Housewives any day but I know the difference of Reality TV and REAL life. You cannot just go and fight someone and record and put it on the internet and think that it is ok. These young females need to realize that they are jeopardizing their future with all of this mess. Do they not realize that employers look at your Facebook and twitter when they consider you for hire? Just the other day I was sitting with my sister when I noticed that she was texting one of her friends. I so happened looked over and seen what they were texting about (boys of all things); I asked her who was this little girl and she pulled up the little girls Facebook now mind you this is a 10 year old girl and she is on Facebook for one and the her profile picture is too too provocative for a 10 year old. I could not believe it. The black community has to do better in putting positive images in front of these girls and show them that it is ok to go to college and get an education and it is cute to wear your clothes with your midriff and backside or breast covered. We need to show them that your brains and inner beauty is what makes you attractive not some sleazy too grown outfit and heavy makeup. I just don’t understand these girls nowadays and how they feel like its ok to fight over these social networks over nonsense and then to take a step further and violate this girl at her home. Now her life is messed up and she will never be able to fulfill her full potential because she has an record. I want these young girls to WAKE UP and see the light of day!!


About nyeshamarie

A junior in the Biology/Pre-Med Department. I am not the usual. I like to think of myself as eccentric. I live life out of the box and I certainly think out of the box. Enjoy -Nyesha

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