Interracial couples

I have read most of what has been written by my classmates,and what their thoughts on interracial couples. Living in the south, I believe dating outside ones race is perceived as more of an abnormality than other places. Collins discussed some reasons for resentment within the African American community as women feel abandoned by men dating outside of the race. Most talk of interracial marriage concerns White females and African American males, and interracial relationships are mot often depicted in this manner. I often wondered the true reason for  Black women not being more open to interracial marriage. Collins describes resisting the temptations of men of other races as the way African American women maintain their virtue, as is vital to not be perceived as too promiscuous. The idea of White men being able to  resist sexual partners available to Black men is also stated as a factor as to why there are not more Black women/White men relationships. I have problems with this because historically White men and men in general are not very choosy about their sexual partners. Black women are also not limited to only White men, so there does not have to always be the connection to the slave master/slave relationship.  Collins argues that it is not sex, but partnership with Black women that White men avoid, thus leading Black women to appear overly available if they choose to date outside their race. The marriage market is ever shrinking, and I wonder what other reasons there are for Black women limiting their partner options because I believe there is a large difference between being available and being desperate or cheap. Interracial relationships can promote African American Feminism by expanded the discussions, to individuals in mixed relationships who would normally not care to be involved.


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  1. I do agree that interacial couples are percieved differently in the south than anywhere else, and that it is more of a problem down here than it is in the north.

  2. First off, white and POC interracial relationships are very problematic for many reasons. First, the ideology of white supremacy and its concept of beauty. Two, the historic and ongoing brutality of white men raping Black and indigenous women around the world and the disenfranchisement of the offspring of such rapes, Three, those IRs reinforce white supremacist patriarchy. Four, the white man isn’t going to replace white women with WOC. That would shake racism/white supremacy to its core.


    • I agree with a lot of what you have written in general, but maybe not in specifically in practice. While it is white people, specifically men, who benefit from white privilege/supremacy it is also true that some (not most but some) are civil rights allies. Their ancestors’ behaviors are for them to disavow, as they could not control what was happening in the past, only the way they rationalize and justify it. Rape culture is ongoing and pervasive, but again not every man (white or otherwise) can be demonized equally for it. Are black men not also responsible for the degradation of black women in black only spaces? I am not suggesting tolerating such degradation, only pointing out that men of every race have the privilege of making women their fetish and that same race relationships are not immune to it(no one should be in a relationship where their race is the other persons fetish.We absolutely agree about that). Finding someone to weather this cruel world with is hard was the point of my post and I don’t believe people should limit themselves to only their race whether others locked in their respective ideology disapprove or not. All in all, to each their own as long as no abuse is happening.

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