Independence vs dominance

In today’s society there is a lot of Independent women out there, getting multiple degrees, high paying jobs and not relying on anyone else. Why is it that some men might misinterpret this type of women as a dominating women, instead of being an independent/strong woman. Why is it that an automatic turn off for some guys, or that men might find them intimidating. A lot of men have problems with their significant other making more money then them. The man and women both chose their career path, so why do these men hold it against these women who have high paying jobs. I also agree that some women may be dominating and use their high paying jobs the authority in the relationship. But I believe their are many women out there who are in these positions that arent dominating but just independent, and dont have to rely on their counterpart at all. Personally I have come from a household where my mother made more than my father so this was introduced to me at a early age. If my wife makes more money than I do, I wouldnt have a problem with it, and if I did i would try to go back and get a better degree or climb the corporate latter to attain a higher salary than her. For the most part I dont have a problem with it, but I am only one guy, but why do other men have a problem with a women’s independence?


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