Everyone Should be a Feminist.



Equality for all human beings.

loVe for everyone despite race and gender.

Emphasis on EQUALITY because everyone should be entitled to the same rights and privledges.

Respecting our biological differences and understanding that it is because of our differences we are here today.

Youth, what are we teaching them, if we are disrespecting our women in the media and the private homes?

pOwer as we are stronger as a force together, rather than divided and easy to conquer.

No longer neglecting women from sectors of the society. We should be able to be involved in the political, economical, and social of our world.

Equality once again. Who can has the power to take away our God given rights to have a place in this world?

One thing this class has taught me is that we have to be advocate feminism and inspire those to embrace it. Because of the negative images surrounding the word, many people refuse to be associated with the term. This reduces the power of our force against sexist oppression as we can not only trying to convince men but women.

I think it is sad that here we are in 2012 (the year everything is suppose to “end”) and we are still fighting for equality among races and sex. I think that as the US is the current hegemony nation of the world, we should lead by example and should already have equality for all! We are suppose to be such a civilized, advance, technologically powerful, and modern society, yet we are still fighting for rights that was never suppose to be taken away in the beginning.


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Philanthropy and Feminism.

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