Movie Night

In going to see the movie Think like a Man it had me thinking about a lot of stuff that we talked about in class. However, the first thing  that came to mind is why during the movie it only shows black women who can not seem to get there men to act right? It shows a single mother, A woman who’s boyfriend does not want to commit to her, a woman who “gives it up to early”, and a strong corporate woman who can not seem to find a man that lives up to her standards. In the movie it shows these women desperately trying learn ways to find a man or to keep the ones they have. But it was very interesting to me that their were only two white males and one was happily married and the other one (who dated a black woman) had issues committing to her. This maybe a little left field but it made me think that this black woman who takes care of him is good enough to do his laundry but not good enough for him to commit to and also that only black people have issues when it comes to relationships and respecting one another. As for the strong black woman, it shows her lowering her standards even though she finds love, I am not sure how I feel about her having being classified as being a man herself therefore she doesn’t need one to be in a relationship with. That comment made me think of when we talked about the black woman already being liberated because she was classified as being “to strong”. Even though this movie made me question some stuff that was said all in all it was a good movie.


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  1. I have not watched this movie, but I know it is based very heavily on Steve Harvey’s book. I like Steve Harvey as a comedian, and I know the book is a relationship book which are notorious for their over-generalization and simplification of relationships and their issues. What does the movie mean when it says think like a man by the end? If you are a woman know how independent a man wants his woman, and make sure you are safely within the boundaries? if not, you’re too manly or too weak. I get that it comes from a place of ‘telling it like it is’, but for a woman to be told to just reduce her standards and be happy for what she gets seems unbalanced.

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