Know Your Worth

Throughout the week I have been confronted with situations where I can plainly see that, as African American women, we go through alot of unnecessary trials because we do not know our worth.  I believe that we are battling images created and established for us prior to birth without the knowledge of what they entail and how our lives are shaped around them; so we conform to them without realizing it.  At my job I sometimes see cases that make me want to scream out to my African American sisters, but in order to keep the job, I’m unable to speak with them frankly.  We are struggling, as a minority group, with all of the elements that we have been discussing during this course:  classism, racism, sexism, a lost identity, and unity.  Many of the disputes that I see and hear about are one Black woman against another, and it is kind of expected.   Of the cases that I am privy to, I see that there is a lack of value and self worth; I say to myself, “If she only knew that she is worth more than this”, or “she has got to know that she deserves better.”  Sadly, in most cases, they don’t.  This mindset is not relegated to courthouse drama or any particular institution, thats where it often ends, but starts in our own homes.  I write this blog because it saddens me, and we have to do a better job of uplifting each other.  Giving compliments and kind words to each other instead of constant judgment.  We so badly need it in our society today because the odds are stacked against us and many of us do not understand that we are so much more than the pictures other people have painted of us.


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  1. It concerns me as well the way African Americans talk to each other. I posted a blog before about what African American women say to and about each other. I agree that saying some encouraging words could really help and change a persons life because you never know what they are going through. “many of us do not understand that we are so much more than the pictures other people have painted of us”, this is so true.

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