Killing me softly.

In class we discussed the objectification of black women’s bodies. That intrigued me to blog about this because it is too important and it is being allowed. Something needs to be done to correct.  Tanisha mentioned the vodka commercial and how they show the woman’s bod parts and then continue on to become a robot dancing. While it is a funny commercial on the surface; when you look into the deeper meaning you realize that there is an objectification of the woman’s body. I feel that this reason alone is why people feel the way they do about the woman’s body especially the black woman’s body. There is so much emphasis on the big butts and big boobs. I deal with it on a daily basis. I cannot help that I am heavy up top; that doesn’t give any man or woman the right to objectify my body and focus on my breast. I have noticed numerous times that men will just boldly stare at my breast it is embarrassing. It almost makes me want to walk around with turtle necks all the time. I could be in the middle of a conversation with a male or female and notice that they will be staring at my breast instead of focusing on what I am saying. The popular media is to blame for the way people act. With all these rappers and commercials focusing on the woman’s body instead of her personality is disrespectful. I guess the saying “sex sells” is the main focus of this campaign. The film Killing us Softly is the perfect resource to see all the sexual objectification of the woman’s body. I was outraged by the amount of media that partakes in the objectification of women’s bodies.

The worst part of this all is that women take part in the campaign against their own bodies. They capitalize on being “video vixens” and showing of their voluptuous body parts. The argument they have is why allow someone else to make the money off of their goods when they can capitalize and make the money themselves. Why that is a correct argument, I would encourage women to take a different approach find other ways to break the business of objectification of women. If all women came together and fight then it would end and we can change that way. Don’t play into the game and allow people to objectify the body.




About nyeshamarie

A junior in the Biology/Pre-Med Department. I am not the usual. I like to think of myself as eccentric. I live life out of the box and I certainly think out of the box. Enjoy -Nyesha

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