The art of art

Art has always been subjective, meaning something different for which interpreter.Sometimes it is a protest against the ugliness the artist sees in the world that they feel is ignored, an ugly reality of life . the thin line between offending to make viewers aware, and the act of offending for shock value is an often contested one that is argued by art critics and artists alike.  Recently I came across two videos that I believe both cross the line to un-artistically obscene. the 1st is a music video glorifying the idea of Black women getting pregnant to be on welfare to absurd dimensions. The ‘artist’ claims that her work is in the air of humor, but seems to loathe her sex and race on some level as many of her other videos are in the same vein as the EBT for me song. The second video is perhaps more disturbing because it is at a Swedish culture minister participating in cutting up a cake of a African woman, vagina first. According to the artist this was to  protest female circumcision, however the execution of it all leaves many wondering if shock and not awareness was the true goal. Throughout the party, the artist was in black face screaming in agony. I didn’t enjoy watching either of these videos particularly, but they make me ask questions about art and free speech. Does controversy really raise awareness and it is the kind of awareness that invokes change, or are these just too sad example of Black people being mixed up?




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  1. WoW! This is really disturbing! This is the main problem we have today, Black people are continuing to put down their own race and conform to the stereotypes that society says we are. These people probably just feel that they will achieve fame and maybe money from something like this but they don’t realize the negative effects that it can have on African Americans.

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