Ending the Cycle

During last weeks reading I came across a section that discussed the perpetuating cycle of slavery and how its institutions are still in place today.  This statement is true.  Slaves were brought to various foreign places and were forced to work and assimilate into a culture that could never understand what they had endured.  As time passed, yes slavery had ended and we were free but then segregation was put into place, further isolating us.  We could not live in the nice suburban neighborhoods that the whites did so we were forced to live on top of one another in what later became projects and “hoods”.  Because our sense of identity was taken from us since the beginning, we only know what they want us to know.  This is why education and other reforms are so important to the bettering of our culture.  If we are educated, we learn to find our own voice and our own ideals.  Just because they brought us in chains doesn’t mean we are destined to be chained forever.  Education is the key to breaking these barriers that have been implemented for so long.  In order to be educated we must stop the cycle that was put into place for us from the beginning.  This means instead of staying in that “hood life” mentality, we must uplift one another and set our sights on the things they never thought we could accomplish.  Lastly, I do believe that we contribute to the new racism by staying in the mentality they have given us for so long.  People stereotype our culture based on how we continue to let the media portray us.  If we collectively come together and combat these images more will be accomplished.


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  1. I do believe education is the key to breaking the barriers that have been implemented for years. Knowledge is definitely power. We must continue to educate our young generation and set positive examples. The hood and projects have been known only to house African American people but Caucasians are living in them as well. The media does not portray them in that light because they do not want “the world” to associate blacks and whites as being on the same level. It is believed that only black people live in ghettos and projects. Until the media focus on the good of African Americans than “society” will not change.

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