Anita Hill

The Anita Hill speak was very powerful. To see hear her story unfold on television and now to see her in person was a memorial moment. When I walked in I felt the energy in the room. While sitting and waiting there were two young ladies talking about how they read about Anita, (they were not even born when the Clarence Thomas scandal rocked the country). To hear them talk with great knowledge and respect was amazing because normally you do not find too many young women interested in what happened to her.

Anita talked about how we must take care of all issues such as health, economic, violence and sex conduct. While the years have passed it has not mad her bitterer  nor has it made her an angry woman. She has shown us that if you believe in what is right, than you must stand up for it. We are the only ones that have our own fate and our own density in our own hands. When she said, “we must allow our minds to take us to equality”. This is truly a powerful statement. If we choose not to stand up and be heard than who will speak up for us?” if we open our minds to freely embrace and accept change than we are allowing ourselves to move forward.

Clarence Thomas may have seemly won the battle in court, but I do believe that Anita won more. Anita won a “voice”.  She was given the platform so other women could be heard and come forward. It allowed women to not be ashamed of “telling” what they believe is not right. As we move forward in our quest for equality we must continue setting positive examples for the young men and especially women of today.

In the words of Anita Hill, “we need more people to represent”.


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