Helping Future Generations

I was recently watching Anderson Cooper and I saw that he was doing a new study on how children viewed particular races.  The study was done on children ages six and thirteen.  The children were shown two different pictures and were asked to describe the events that had previously taken place.  The first picture had shown a black boy standing behind a swing with a white boy sitting on the ground in front of the swing.  The second picture showed the opposite.  Some of the children’s responses to what was going on in the picture surprised me.  Many of the white children’s explanations for what happened were very negative, while many of the black children’s explanations for what happened were quite positive.  In majority white schools the explanations were 70% negative.  The overall point of the study was to show that the way parents interact with their children has a great impact on the way they view race when they are older.  Children as young as five can pick up on racial differences even when we think they are not paying attention.  It is important that we as leaders of the future generation teach those younger than us to accept people from all walks of life.  Black parents are more likely to discuss racial problems with their children than white parents and this is a major problem.  Racial issues should be something that is discussed across all spectrums therefore making it easier for us to coexist.


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  1. I think that this could turn out to be a very great study and lesson in to what we are and should be teaching children. The fact that children have these attitudes towards race is very shocking and disappointing because it means that not as much progress has been made as we thought if we have children still carrying on the same negative stereotypes as many people did years ago.

  2. I agree with you, in the aspect of how children are raised as to how they interact with other children and races other than his or her own. Since I work in a child care center it is amazing that children basically are not born to hate other races they are taught. As I have watched children play together over the years they have no prejudices. They play with each for just the joy of playing. It is sad when you see a child show negative reactions and feeling toward others simply because they look different than themselves. Yes, parents play a huge role in how our children and they must be mindful what the child is taught early has lasting consequences.

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