Violence Against Black Lesbian

I was talking to my friend, Ty, about my African American Feminism class and I shared with her one of the story I had learned during our black lesbian section.  It was the story of the young women who was killed on her way from the pier in New Jersey.  After I told her the story she began to tell me stories of women that she knew personally that were dead because of men who had killed them in her home neighborhood.  She told me a story of a woman who lived in her neighborhood; and one day the woman went to the store and this guy stopped her and told her, if she comes to that store again he would kill her.  She didn’t pay him any mind, and came to the store the next day and he shot her.  She went to the hospital, didn’t tell on him and was later released from the hospital; and she went to the store again the next day.  He shot and killed her.  Come to find out the guy didn’t like her because his girlfriend had a crush on her.  Ty began to remember numerous stories of women killed by baby daddies, and ex boyfriends; even the brothers of the women.  Then I began to think of the abundant of encounters I myself have had with overly aggressive men; who couldn’t believe I wasn’t interested in them.  From statements to inappropriate touching, I have had to fight at least twice in my adult life to get men to show me the respect that I deserve.  In history, most of hate crimes are done by white male, but i see this spreading to all males, that see Lesbian as competition.


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  1. I am so happy that you chose to write about this. Often times when I tell people I am bi they view me differently, especially men. I came out my freshman year of college and when my male friends found out I was called all types of names and some of them wouldnt even talk to me anymore. An important part of us as black people over coming any situation is to be able to get along with one another no matter what or who we like. Men have such a problem with certain aspects of lesbianism becaue they see this form of love as a challenge. Its sad that many men let their ego’s and anger get in the way of uplifting or helping another individual.

  2. I did not know there was a million woman march until I read your blog. As we continue to hear about stories that may affect others, women get little to no recognition of such a powerful act. In order for women to be heard they pretty much have to be beating to death or for goodness sake killed. The media can be the best tool to get the information out to people but when no one will give them the air time, than who is to blame? I know that I would love for my nieces to know about the MWM and for them to understand the struggles we still face.

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