Professor Teasdell told our class how she doesn’t want for us to use the “n” word in class because she doesn’t like the term.  At first I was like ok, cool that’s her opinion but then I started wondering why.  Its not like we’re saying “nigger”; its not even like were trying to insult one another, and for a lot of people its a word used in every day language.  I think I do understand now though, because  it is a slang for the word “nigger”, and we’re so much better than that and we’ve came so far to be calling one another ignorant all the time.  How I came to this is because I realized I really hate women calling each other “bitches”.  Like that’s something I can’t even get used to, and even now when I hear it I still get a shocked face that women would greet one another in that manner and out loud;  with kids around and elderly people around it don’t even matter.  So in the same way calling my African American friends “niggas” out loud with people around is just as bad.  Honestly, I feel like its a word that isn’t going anywhere for a while being that its commonly used, children at a earlier age are using it more and you can’t even turn on a hip hop or rap song without hearing it but if we, being the present generation, start by telling the children what the slang really means maybe in future years it won’t be common at all.


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  1. I agree and I use the word as well and it’s hard to stop using the words when it’s embedded in our slang vocabulary. I never used it to hurt anyone but I agree that the history of the word is what make it’s bad. What can we do to kill the word? Something needs to be done so that our children will not use it at all.

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