Interracial Relationships : Just Be You!

First off, let me start off by saying that I am a BIG advocate for interracial relationships! Not only am I a hopeless romantic (whatever the hell that means) but I’ll be the first one to break out into a big Kool Aid smile when I see interracial couples!!!

With that being said, let me get into the purpose of this blog. In regards to relationships, I hold no discriminations towards any race! If I’m attracted to you, I could care less if you were brown, white, yellow, or red!

Most recently, I befriended a male classmate, who is white, who just admitted that he has always had the biggest crush on me. Extremely surprised, I asked him why am I now just hearing about it. He replied that he was scared to talk to me at first because he didn’t know how to talk to black women! Out of shock, I slapped him in the face and cursed him out!

Wait… I’m kidding. At least about the slapping and cursing part. If I would have done that, it would have just reinforced his fear of black women. But seriously, I was shocked yet not surprised to hear that. One thing I’ve always noticed with white guys who are brave enough to approach me off of a first encounter is that they feel the need to come at me as if they were “black” . When I say that, I mean that they’ll start talking to me in “slang” or popular terms or ask me things like “do you date white boys?”  I try not to be that person by going into a speech about how black girls are just like all other girls but really that is what I want people to understand.

Just because I’m black doesn’t mean guys of another race has to approach me any differently than a black guy would. I would actually prefer you to just be you. If you like Maroon 5 or Coldplay, don’t be afraid to like them (hell I like them too!) around me! Don’t put on a front like you have to listen to rap or be “swagged” out to even have a chance with me. Most importantly, DON’T BELIEVE THE STEREOTYPES. Not all Black women are materialistic and money hungry so don’t approach me bragging about how much money you have thinking I will become interested.

Just be you and approach me like you would any other woman of any other race (as long as its respectfully). Trust me when I say, Black girls are just the same as everybody else.


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  1. As someone who is currently in an interracial relationship I love this post. I’ve had a few guys tell me that did not know how to approach me(as if there is a black way and a white way) and fear of my reaction(like i would smack them), and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I don’t think that chemistry or love have a color and I think it’s extremely limiting to only say you will date your own race in a place like the U.S. which is so diverse.

  2. Simone, I enjoyed reading your blog. I often hear about white guys having a difficult time approaching black girls in comparison to black guys approaching white girls. I guess it would have something to do with the stereotypes about Black women. Nevertheless, I too support interracial relationships!

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