Anita Hill : Speaking Truth to Power

Seeing that everyone else posted their opinions regarding Anita Hill’s speech, I felt the need to share mine as well. Remember that this is my personal opinion, and you are not entitled to agree with it!

Being that I share the same interest in law as Professor Hill, I have heard different opinions regarding the allegations of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sexually harassing her while they were employed together. I somewhat hold a neutral position being that while I do believe her story that sexual harassment did occur, I question the timing and motive for when she went confronted his actions publicly.

So you can imagine that I was very excited to discover she was coming to our school to speak about sexual harassment. I assumed she would give more insight to the case that stirred national attention so I could better form an opinion or a stance regarding the situation.

Surprisingly, I was disappointed to discover that Professor Hill did not go into depth into the situation. She did mention it for a very brief moment then proceeded to discuss topics and issues that were covered in her book. I think this is what led to my biggest disappointment as I felt she spent more time promoting her book rather than fulfilling the expectations of most of the audience.

While I wasn’t impressed by her speech, I did agree with many things she mentioned. Health care for women is an extremely important issue that is often exploited through extremely high prices. Sexual harassment is has moved to be an important issue in the work place since Anita’s case. Despite the many advancements women have made in history, women are still denied and restricted from many freedoms and liberals of the counterparts of men. I agree that women have a long way to go before we can achieve equality in society.


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  1. I respect your honesty in this post. I know that there is a sensitivity when speaking of matters such as your own sexual harassment, but as you stated an illumination of her timing for coming forward would have been a great addition to her appearance. It was within her to have great strength in standing up for her rights, and perhaps she could have focused on that aspect more in her speech?

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