I am a size 16!

Oh my goodness it is already April 2012.  Like the holidays was just here, then the new year, and now we have been in 2012 for four months.  Since being in this new year how many of you all have heard your friends talking about going to lose weight before the summer or maybe this is something you yourself has declared to do.  Everyone decides on a few things they want to improve on for every new year, including myself, but instead of saying “I want to lose weight,” I went with, “I want to be healthier” this year.  Studies have shown that African American women are more likely to be obese than any other race.  I mean compared to African American men and men of other races and women of other races; we will be the most overweight.  This was my first time looking up information about obesity rates and all of this information really shocked me, but what shocked me the most was the fact that we have the highest obesity rate our entire life; in elementary school, middle school, high school,and over eighteen.  So now after looking up these statistics, which you can view yourself on “The Office of Minority Health” page at http://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/templates/content.aspx?ID=6456, I have decided that this is a problem. I am not about to go on a rant about how it is so important to lose weight, and tips on how to eat healthy because I am definitely considered obese myself, and anyone who truly knows me, knows I’m all for loving yourself and having high self esteem, but at the same time I’m all for having longevity and making smart decisions.  I went and viewed some comments on this issue on different websites and the debate that seems to keep popping up is that African American women are glorifying being overweight.  I will talk about this for a second because I disagree,  I do not think black women are glorifying this issue, I feel like women who are overweight want to feel accepted just as if they were skinny.  Realizing, that their are women out there who are considered overweight but they do eat healthy and exercise; metabolism and age plays a big part in this and for the women like that, I could see why they would so call glorify being bigger because that is who they are.  Now the other side to this story is that there are also women who are bigger because they basically choose to be at that weight.  It is perfectly ok to be “curvy” and healthy at the same time or as i said earlier love yourself and make smart decisions.  I am in no position to be talking about anyone or giving advice so I think I’m coming to an end, but maybe after reading this you will decide to spread the word about at least trying to live a healthier lifestyle or maybe you will decide to do it for yourself.


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