Talking to our children

There has been lots of conversations in the media about Trayvon Martin, which I’m sure we are all very aware of by now. Lots of conversations have centered around protests and what people can do to prevent situations like this from continuing to happen as well as finding justice for Trayvon and his family. Regardless of everyone coming together for the sake of Trayvon and other situations like his of course there has been some negative publicity and people using this to promote the wrong things, such as the party promotion that someone recently blogged about.

As I was researching and thinking over the case I came across an article that fit exactly what was going through my mind, talking to children about what is going on. When there are situations like this that are going on in the media and is hard to determine what exactly our children are hearing it is important that we can talk to them to ensure that they have an understanding. We want to teach them how these situations effect them and give them an open opportunity to ask questions and express their feelings. Although I didn’t agree with everything in the article I think that it is great that people are taking the initiative to reach out to the children.



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