Anita Hill

A world where a woman could be the president, the chancellor of UNCC, or even the student body president is how Dr. Anita Hill grabbed the audience attention. Hill discussed with us about how we as a people trained our mind to believe that men are the only ones that can have the power to make decisions.  She had everyone on the edge of their seat with the statement of “ A world that is good for women is good for everyone.”  Hill speaks about how things have changed since the hearing against the supreme court justice Thomas.  Things that have been addressed were discrimination because of sex, race, and more equality within the workplace. She also gave us in sight to what gave her the courage and the motivation to go through this situation.
She also talks about how women are targeted for higher loans more specifically older women, which they referred to this as “granny haunting”.  Dr. Hill also touched base on how women could possibly lose health care, she talks about a point in time where only male rats were used when it came to testing.  Also how women and people of color were excluded when it came to the studies of health care.
Hill then tided these issues into the gender equality and economic prosperity. That then lead to the wage gap that still sets women back today. Going to this program made me realize that we have made great progress however, there still is more work to be done and we should push and push until gender equality is a part of everyone’s life. Hill also made that statement of  either way it goes the economy will pay if there is no gender equality some way or another. That made me think maybe if we had gender equality the recession would go away.


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  1. I agree with you and I talked about the same quote she said in my blog b/c if women were being accepted in the world then everyone could be happy together. We do have a long road ahead before we obtain gender equality and human equality b/c we are lacking in both areas. I did enjoy going to hear what Prof. Hill had to say and I personally learned a lot about what she had to say and I admire her courage and strength.

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