Black Baby Doll ALWAYS loses…

As we discussed and watched the video on children choosing the white baby doll over the black baby doll. I work in a child care center and it did the experiment on four and five year old children. The culture of the children were mixed ranging from African American to Asian. The white baby doll won eight of the ten times. After the children had chosen the doll I asked them why did they chose that particular one and they responded by in various ways such as “they liked the straight hair, the color brown is ugly, the black baby doll do not listen”. For the two children that did not choose the white baby doll were two black girls. Their response to why they chose the black dolls were, “because they looked like me and my mommy never buys me white dolls only black dolls”.

I do believe children are taught by the media and families on what is “beautiful” and what is “ugly”. The children in my opinion has been programmed to like a certain color and associate it with good and bad. Since we are the adults, we must be aware that we are sending either positive or negative vibes to the younger generation. When I shared this with other staff members in the facility they did not seem too concerned at first. But, as I continued to share the children’s responses to them they wanted to see for themselves. I decided to do the experiment again, afraid that I would not get the same results. Strangely enough the results the same. Two children changed their response but the results still were eight for the white dolls and two for the black dolls.

It is a shame that children at an early age associate black as being bad and white being the good. But , if we look in the dictionary under the word black and white, you will find the definition of white meaning pure and clean and the word black as being dirty and negative. It is hard trying to change how people think, but we must make an honest effort in how we portray each other regardless of the color of our skin.


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  1. I Feel that a lot of the programming done to the children comes from the media. As adults we have to do as much positive reinforcements as we can to let our children know that black is beautiful and that the natural hair and curly hair is gorgeous. Recently I took my younger sister to the hair salon and I heard a mother yelling at her daughter saying “you need to stop crying and sit down and get you nappy head done.” That made me so madd because that type of language is the reason why so many black women have low self esteem and fry and dye their hair to be closer to white. Not to knock anybodies style to wear weaves and straight hair but take a minute to look at why and how this came to be.

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