In this article it talks about a group of black women that started a campaign to donate 40 black Barbie dolls to young black girls. However, they made the dolls have curly hair. The aim of this campaign is to show girls that it’s okay the way God made them. I found this article interesting because I can remember growing up and wondering why there weren’t any dolls that looked like me.

Furthermore, this article made me think of the doll test article that we read and also the video that we watched in class. I feel as though if there were more dolls that looked like African Americans, then young children would grow to have more self-love and self-acceptance. This could be a start to reconstruct young minds that feel as though white dolls look more themselves instead of black dolls. Nevertheless, parents should be teaching their children to love themselves.


About klindse7

I am a junior at UNCC with a major in Criminal Justice and Pre-Med with a minor in Women 's and Gender Studies.

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  1. I agree with your blog post. I know that when I was growing up I had more black dolls than I did white dolls. I actually felt like Claudia from The Bluest Eye; I hated my white dolls because they didn’t look like me. Your post also reminded me of the Clark doll study we discussed in class. Maybe if young Black girls had more black dolls then they wouldn’t view black dolls as the “bad doll”.

  2. I think that this is a wonderful campaign and the idea is definitely what these young ladies need. I don’t like to use the word nappy because in my mind that word is connected to being negative so i say tight curls lol.

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