Role of Black Women in Music Videos

Last week in my Women and the Media class we analyzed music videos, specifically rap and Hip Hop. One of the themes we discussed was the role that Black and Latina women perform in rap videos. Often times, women of color play the role of being a sexually objectified video vixen that captures the attention of everyone in the video. These women are casted based on their bodies and how open they are to doing certain things in the video.

It just seems like in today’s society, we have fewer and fewer positive roles within the media. This bothers me because I don’t want younger girls growing up and viewing the different roles that African American women play in the media and thinking that’s something that they want to be when they grow up. I often hear girls saying, “I wish I had a bigger butt or bigger breasts”. I feel like with the way the media is going now, we will have many girls just like Pecola, chasing something that’s not them.


About klindse7

I am a junior at UNCC with a major in Criminal Justice and Pre-Med with a minor in Women 's and Gender Studies.

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  1. I think that women are degraded in music video and they allow themselves to be looked at in a sexual way. These women are playing into the stereotype of black women being promiscuous and very sexual. We should be comfortable with our bodies and not want to change anything but media does play a major role in body image and our views on it.

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