“War on Women”

I was recently watching a news special on MSNBC where a group of republican men were discussing a statement Hillary Clinton made during her speech at the 2012 women in the world summit.  Clinton stated that the  “extremist” had began to wage an out right “war on women”, and she proceeded to state “yes it is hard to believe that even here at home, we have to stand up for women’s rights and reject efforts to marginalize any one of us because america needs to set an example for the rest of the world.” I could not agree with Hillary more! The idea that america needs to set the standard for the treatment of women is so true!  In order for us to help others abroad we must first combat the problems we have at home. One of the commentators responses to this was that “we should be focusing on more important matters like the war in Afghanistan.” But was it not this same war in Afghanistan that caused an american soldier to massacre innocent women and children? So I ask where is our focus? With this  being said, I must ask why it is that when men wage war or choose to attack a country they start with women and children?  Those who often times have no voice for themselves are those who are so easily conquered. I do believe that there has been a war waged on women in our own american society and for this reason especially we must join together and begin to fight these injustices so that we may help our sisters worldwide. 


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  1. I enjoyed reading this and could not agree more. I vaguely comprehend the twisted aspect of going after women and children of your enemies to collapse morale, but I will never understand how you can do it to your own people with the same cruel disposition. These politicians don’t seem to care at all for women, but more riling up people’s beliefs to gain footing. It is easy for a millionaire to take holier than thou stance when it comes to women’s rights but when it comes down to the actual semantics of what it means for women and their offspring they turn their back and state it isn’t their problem.

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