What If?

I feel that in order for people to really understand the injustice of racial inequality that Blacks have to endure, they would literally need to step foot into our shoes. We can paint dramatic pictures or tell amazing stories but I feel that in order for it to really stick, for others to really understand is to experience it for themselves.

How many of you have ever watched the movie, “A White Man’s Burden?”

It’s an amazing movie ( a little older) illustrating exactly what I was previously discussing. It follows the story of a white man who endures the struggles of a black man today. I don’t want to tell too much of the movie as I think you should watch it yourself, but I will try my best to discuss it without giving away too many spoilers.

This movie is very interesting as it takes the very concepts that we all possess as humans regardless of race such as providing for our families and wanting the best things in life and illustrates how these concepts can be interfered once the perspection of color gets involved. The color of skin shaped society to where it was hard for those inferior to the superior could manage their lifestyle. There was a scene when the white boy begged his father to pay way more than he could afford for the black doll as it was cooler than all the other cheap dolls (they were white). This illustrates how society also shapes the minds of our young adolences as they create a self hatred for themselves for being different from the rest.

What I found most interesting about this movie is how the “black woman” role is portrayed. This role is illustrated by a white woman as in this movie the society is in reverse in what we know it as. The white woman (remember she is suppose to playing the black woman’s role) received a different, sympathetic reaction from the audience than if the woman really was black. I found it to be interesting because she did the same things that black women would do in her situation such as move in with the her mother while working a part time job to help provide financial resources to her family. She even became a single mother once her husband was wrongfully gunned down by the police. The audience was making “ooh and ahh” sounds as if they were surprised at the brutality of the system. I was shocked because while this is a movie, situations like this happen in real life.

I think this movie is important as it gives an alternate feel as to how systematic oppression can trap particular individuals.

If you have seen the movie, leave comments and tell me what do you think.


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