The term BITCH…

Over my spring break I hung out with my best friend and his guy friends a lot.  The word bitch was thrown around so much that I had to ask the guys why they refer to females as bitches.  One of the males told me because in his experience most of the females that he runs across are bitches and if they act like that then that’s what he is going to call them.  He did admit that all females are not bitches.  Another male told me that he did not know he had just been calling them that for so long that he is use to it.  He said he was pretty sure that females use words to disrespects them like the term “nigga” but as we all know black people use that term to refer to any black person.   I also heard that it had to do with the fact that most females are sneaky and cannot be trusted.  Some of the guys knowing that I did not like the word bitch did try to reword themselves.  I understand that females use that word also but when males throw that word around so much it does get to me.  Some people do act like the name that people refer to them as but it does not make it right.  At least I voiced my opinion and tried to get an understanding of why they use the term.


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  1. I agree because sometimes I use the term as well as other words that are used to put down each other. Sometimes people use the words to talk with their friends and I use “nigga” in a friendly way not to hurt anyone though. It’s good that you voiced your opinion to your male friends to see how they would respond to what you asked. There needs to be more open conversations between men and women about a lot of issues that are going on or not talked about.

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