Single Mothers by default or choice?

As I shared in my autobiography I am father, and since my son was born I have come across many parents around my age or a couple years older. One thing that I have notice their are alot of single mothers that I come across, I often ask myself are these single mothers by default or choice. I have notice sometimes the relationship may not work out between the mother and the father and majority of the time the mother takes custody of the child, and because the mother may be upset with the father for what ever reason it was that the two broke up she tend to play keep away with the child. I know some people personally who tends to play keep away with the child just because they are a somewhat bitter as too why her and the father broke up. I dont express my opinion with these individuals but it kind of bothers me that just because they might have dislike towards the father they dont want them in the childs life, as if it is the penalty for breaking up with the woman. I know me personally if that were to happen to me I dont know what I would do because as I see it the goal as parents have is to make sure they raise the child to the best of their abilities. So putting your personal feelings infront of the development of your child is something that I have never been ok with, because in my opnion majority of the time children who grow up with one parent tends to have problems with their development and usually it tends to be trouble. These are just my opinions, even though I know their are A LOT of men that run out on their fatherly duties there are still some who dont but others may have different views.


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  1. I agree, I don’t think that it’s in any way fair to the child or the father of the child to be limited in the amount of time they are allowed to spend together just because of the mother’s feelings. These days it is hard enough to find a man that is willing to step up and take care of their responsibilities and any man that is putting forth the effort should not be penalized.

  2. I totally agree with your comment. I am not a single mother but I have friends who are single parents. I think that it is all in the maturity of the individuals. I used to think if my sons father and I broke up, how I would never keep him from his son. He is one the best fathers in the world and to keep him from being that would only hurt our son in the long run. Yes, some mothers want to get back at the dad, and the only way they know how, is to keep the one thing they love so much away from them. If that single mother has anger and bitter in her, and the people she chooses to hang out with are bitter and angry as well, chances are that is only adding fuel to the fire. Again, it is all about being mature and what is best for the child. I could tell in the tone of your voice how much you love your son and how passionate you are for making sure he has the best that you can offer him. GREAT JOB DAD.

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