Is this what we are teaching our young girls today??

I came across these two videos while browsing the Internet and I was in complete shock. In one video, a group of young girls are dancing to explicit music, which they shouldn’t be listening to. The worst thing about it is that grown folks are sitting around watching and encouraging the girls to keep going. Furthermore, in the other video, two girls are showing a baby how to “twerk”.

This is a pure example of bad parenting. I often  hear people make comments about Black people not knowing how to raise there kids. I am not saying that it’s true but it’s videos like these two that show that African American mothers aren’t doing their jobs. I am appalled that someone would show these young girls these promiscuous dances. Instead of allowing their kids to listen and dance to inappropriate music, they should be teaching them how to read, write, and other useful things they can use in life. When I was growing up, we played games and did what normal kids at that age are suppose to do. We weren’t allowed to listen to music that had cursing in it and let alone no one taught us how to dance. I think it’s a shame that today’s media and music are corrupting our young kids.


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I am a junior at UNCC with a major in Criminal Justice and Pre-Med with a minor in Women 's and Gender Studies.

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  1. I agree that young girls should not be able to listening to explicit music at that age. The girls in the video are from ages 2 to 9 that is too young to be dancing like that. I don’t know which video was worst. The fact that they were having a contest to see which little girl could shake the best and the adults were just sitting around watching is sad. As a parent I would not allow or want to see my little girl dance like that. We all know that when you are little you copy everything you see. In the video with the baby she is doing everything that she sees the two teenage girls do. What you do in your own free time is up to you but when they saw that the baby was doing everything they were doing they should have stopped. The music in that video is saying “now run it back bitch…take it back hoe” and they have a baby listening to that.

  2. These are horrifying images, but images I’ve seen too many times. I don’t understand why adults find this to be so amusing, when these are young girls. It is hard to tell parents how to let their children behave but I would never let my child participate in dancing like that.

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