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Speaking Truth to Power-Anita Hill

When I went to her program I wasn’t sure what to expect and it was an interesting subject that she discussed. I thought that she was going to only talk about sexual harassment and her personal experience that she had with it. She talked about that but she also rights of women in earning equal pay as men in the same professions. I agree that women should be paid the same amount as men do especially if they are doing the same jobs or if they are a higher rank than a man. She was very passionate about every topic that she talked about and she had everyone’s attention and she had a lot of courage to talk about the sexual harassment case that she was involved in while she was working. Her main topic was about gender equality and how women should be able to equal in every situation with men. We live in a world that is dominated by men and women are expected to just live in this world without saying anything and doing their “womanly” duties. Ms. Hill said that “a world that is good for women is good for everyone”. I understand what she meant because women are under men and if we become equal with men then every thing else like race and a person’s SES would not be a factor and we all could be equal. She said that women should be able to be decision makers as well because they are making decision about their family and how their kids are raised and if she can do that then making bigger decisions should not be a problem. Men feel threatened by the empowered woman and they try to keep in a place where we can grow but we are finding other ways around it. Ms. Hill has grown since the hearing and she has not let that stop her from continuing her career and being a spokeswoman for women who are fighting for their rights to work among men without being sexually harassed on a regular basis.


Professor Anita Hill

I commend Professor Anita Hill for taking the time out of her schedule to allow the student body and general public to take part in hearing her lecture. I was quite pleased that I was in attendance that evening. She touched on many different points that not only expanded my knowledge on gender equality, but also made me aware of some things that I knew little information about. Overall, her lecture provided some inspiration and insight on how to end gender equality.

In her lecture, Professor Hill discusses how the hearings 20 years ago have helped confront multiple issues of sexual misconduct in the work atmosphere. Furthermore, she talks about how the Supreme Court plays a role in the equality of women. Likewise, Hill gives some important points on things we need to do such as have more representative judiciary.  There is a critical need for more women’s perspectives. In closing, Professor Hill states that “the ability to have our voices heard is essential to gender equality” and I strongly agree with her statement!

Anita Hill

A world where a woman could be the president, the chancellor of UNCC, or even the student body president is how Dr. Anita Hill grabbed the audience attention. Hill discussed with us about how we as a people trained our mind to believe that men are the only ones that can have the power to make decisions.  She had everyone on the edge of their seat with the statement of “ A world that is good for women is good for everyone.”  Hill speaks about how things have changed since the hearing against the supreme court justice Thomas.  Things that have been addressed were discrimination because of sex, race, and more equality within the workplace. She also gave us in sight to what gave her the courage and the motivation to go through this situation.
She also talks about how women are targeted for higher loans more specifically older women, which they referred to this as “granny haunting”.  Dr. Hill also touched base on how women could possibly lose health care, she talks about a point in time where only male rats were used when it came to testing.  Also how women and people of color were excluded when it came to the studies of health care.
Hill then tided these issues into the gender equality and economic prosperity. That then lead to the wage gap that still sets women back today. Going to this program made me realize that we have made great progress however, there still is more work to be done and we should push and push until gender equality is a part of everyone’s life. Hill also made that statement of  either way it goes the economy will pay if there is no gender equality some way or another. That made me think maybe if we had gender equality the recession would go away.

Women in power

“Imagine a woman as the president of the US”. Is how Dr Hill started her lecture. A very strong statement. Then she followed with this quote “A world that is good for women is good for everyone.” Dr hill spoke on the world changing as a result of the hearings against Justice Thomas. Important issues as sexual discrimination, race and equality in the workforce. In relfecting upon her lecture I realized that Dr hill had so much courage and power to stand alone when no one believed her. She is a pioneer in the gender equality movment of the 20th century. We need more women like her that are not afraid to stand up and take a stance.

Dr Hill also mentions the foreclosure crisis and health concerns and how they are connected to gender equality and the society prospering. she talked about how women and black women specifically are the highest amongst foreclosure rates. I could not believe that women are targeted for foreclosure and that a woman is most likely to lose their homes than men. Partially due to men being paid more and women having higher interest rates.  Dr Hill stated that some lenders called it “Granny Hunting”. I feel that this needs to be addressed head on. And the fact that womens health care is so far behind is unbelievable. We are still fitting for the rights over our own bodies. Women still have trouble having children and being in the workforce. It has only been in the last 30 years that maternity leave was implemented. Dr Hill mentioned that before 1993 women and people of color were not included in lab studies. They even at one time would not test on female lab rats. Are you serious? This lecture opened my eyes to so many ways that this society has to still progress, even though we have come so far. Some of the stuff Dr hill said seemed so ridiculous, but it is true! I believe if we all take a stance and work together towards gender equality the economy might start to get better and the recession will slowly go away. I agree with Dr Hill that more women need to be in congress and take a stance towards gender equality.

Black Baby Doll ALWAYS loses…

As we discussed and watched the video on children choosing the white baby doll over the black baby doll. I work in a child care center and it did the experiment on four and five year old children. The culture of the children were mixed ranging from African American to Asian. The white baby doll won eight of the ten times. After the children had chosen the doll I asked them why did they chose that particular one and they responded by in various ways such as “they liked the straight hair, the color brown is ugly, the black baby doll do not listen”. For the two children that did not choose the white baby doll were two black girls. Their response to why they chose the black dolls were, “because they looked like me and my mommy never buys me white dolls only black dolls”.

I do believe children are taught by the media and families on what is “beautiful” and what is “ugly”. The children in my opinion has been programmed to like a certain color and associate it with good and bad. Since we are the adults, we must be aware that we are sending either positive or negative vibes to the younger generation. When I shared this with other staff members in the facility they did not seem too concerned at first. But, as I continued to share the children’s responses to them they wanted to see for themselves. I decided to do the experiment again, afraid that I would not get the same results. Strangely enough the results the same. Two children changed their response but the results still were eight for the white dolls and two for the black dolls.

It is a shame that children at an early age associate black as being bad and white being the good. But , if we look in the dictionary under the word black and white, you will find the definition of white meaning pure and clean and the word black as being dirty and negative. It is hard trying to change how people think, but we must make an honest effort in how we portray each other regardless of the color of our skin.

Trayvon Martin Parties

Im sure by now we all know the Trayvon Martin story, the young man who was shot and killed and the killer isnt facing any charges. I really dont think this topic has 100% to do with black feminism but this really pissed me off this morning when I seen this.
While I was on facebook this morning I was browsing down my newsfeed, and I seen a party flyer thumbnail that I just knew couldnt be true. So I enlarged the picture and noticed that it was a party flyer with Trayvon Martin’s Picture on there and said “in loving memory” but on the flyer it didnt have any indication that all proceeds were going to any cause or his family or anything of that nature. Not to mention that it was a Lingerie party and that they will have the “sexiest entertainers” in north carolina at the party along with “$3 long islands and blue motorcycles all night.” Maybe its just me but this is unacceptable, this is how some of our race pays homage to an innocent life taken? Also Collecting money for your own personal needs? I just couldnt believe this and it really angered me, everyone wants justice for this young man but how are we suppose to be taken serious if we have people doing things like this? someone commented on the picture and stated “You guys should have seen the ‘Hoodies and Heels’ flyer.” I dont see how the club promoters, dj, bartenders, “entertainers”, and the venue could hold an event like this without any remorse for what they are doing. Just for a quick buck.

Maybe I am over reacting and maybe they just didnt put that all proceeds goes to a cause, but there is still a certain manner you go about things and in my opinion a party like this isnt one. This really disturbed my heart and I know if I was in that family and I seen something like this I would be insulted and disrepected.

Silence will not make it disappear!

Pictures are worth a thousand words!



Domestic violence protest releasing 40 black balloons to signify the number of women killed each year by their partners or former partners.

 How many of us are willing to speak out and protest?

Rihanna-themed ’black and bleu’ sandwich not funny to restaurant patrons

Rihanna-themed ’black and bleu’ sandwich not funny to restaurant patrons.

I am really so surprised at how much this Chris Brown and Rihanna issue is being joked about, PUBLICLY. Black and Bleu steak, really? I saw this about three hours after it posted and it shocked me only because this is such a real issue that should not be joked about. I thought that this would go perfectly with our discussion topic of the week which was domestic violence. Do you guy’s think that this resturaunt went too far? Obviously people are not as aware as we’d like them to be…

No offense….

So I shared with the class last week  the experience I had where my white roommate, who is also my friend, made a comment about African American women’s hair.  Just in case this is your first time hearing this I shall explain.  My friend and I was sitting in the courtyard of the student union just hanging out and a young black lady walks by.  So when she’s out of viewing distance my friend turns to me and asks could she ask me a question and of course I was like sure.  This is exactly what she said to me, “So obviously we both could tell that was a weave, but I was just wondering, can black women have long hair?”.  After sharing this question with you all, it was pretty clear that everyone kind of felt the way I did, some a little more upset than me.  Regardless, when it happened I was mostly shocked, not mad because she was my friend but very shocked.  I couldn’t even get mad because at the time, to be honest, I was trying to come up with a slick comeback like “If you gone ask me a stupid question, let me ask you, can white women’s hair ever stay in a style without looking frizzy and wet, ewww” see I wanted to say something just off the wall to her, but I knew that she honestly did not know any better.  She had not seen a black woman with “long” hair unless it was a weave.  What a white girl would consider long hair is probably totally different than what I would consider long.  I’ve had black women comment on my hair as being long and my hair is a little more than shoulder length.  So when I was over being shocked I gave her a reasonable answer and we went on about our day. I realize that everyone probably has questions about other races/cultures or things you may just want to know but do you feel comfortable enough to ask someone of that race/culture?  So I’m glad that our relationship is close enough for her to be able to ask me that without being afraid of what I would say and that I could answer her without going off.


Power is a subject that was talked about in our readings for this week.  Power is most often defined as control and domination over a person.  In Bell Hooks reading it is pointed out that power comes from within.  When white women looked for examples of power they look toward white men instead of looking at the black women who have to find the strength and energy to go on every day.  Women and especially black women have a lot of power but it is not recognized because they are not hold powerful position or dominating other people.

It takes a strong person to be able to endure domestic violence everyday and still find the strength to push on.  In Black Feminist Thought it is said that, “Many African-American women have had to exhibit independence and self-reliance to ensure their own survival and that of their loved ones.”  The book goes on to say that this image can leave black women feelings stuck in a domestic violence situation because they feel that they should be able to deal with it on their own as seen by the “independent black women.” I think everyone needs help and no one person can figure out everything on their own.  The women who “exhibit independence and self-reliance” have found (know) their power; the women who feel that they should be able to handle the situation on their own but are not able to just need help tapping into their power.