Inside Struggles

I’ve been thinking a little bit about the disconnect between the white and black feminist during the previous waves of feminism and how that and other factors may contribute to how black women interact with each other today.  When the white women were battling through there own forms of oppression and at the same time oppressing the black women who were active in the movement, I wonder if they realized how counterproductive they were.  I say this because, in some ways, I feel like a number of black women are mirroring some of the same actions.  Where I work, I see that a certain economic or career achievement can change the way that we interact with each other.  There is a sense that the black attorney or judge and the black cleaning lady or cafeteria cook couldn’t possibly be able to relate to each other on any meaningful level without an acknowledgment of subordination.  I see these acts displayed in passing with the way that they greet or ignore each other, and even catching the side-eye glance on the elevator that subtly says “I know I’m better than you” or “I can’t look you in the eye because I think your better than me.”  We tend to judge each other and not credit those that are not in the same position, or give those in better positions more credit than we do ourselves.  Both are guilty and I feel that we have been trained, to a certain degree, to judge one another and find the worth and value of a person in that judgment.   I can say that I am just as guilty as the next person, and I do make a conscious effort to catch what I’m doing, identify it, and understand where it actually came from because it is toxic.  Nobody gains when we treat others like they are beneath us, because we become that which we are fighting to overcome.


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