This one is for the Single Mothers!!

First I want to say rest in peace to a great woman Whitney Houston


The readings for this week inspired me in this topic. Plus I felt I needed to honor the woman who raised me. I wanted to talk about Single mothers. Not just black women but single mothers of all races because it is hard raising a child on your own and for all the mothers that do it, they deserved to be recognized. Single mothers do it all; they become the head of the household and take care of children. Most single mothers even go to school full time while juggling all of that so they can better themselves to provide a better life for their children.

In my own experience my family is full of single mothers, who have all raised their children and beat the statistics. My own mother worked fulltime and took care of my brother and I by herself and went to night school so that she could finish her degree. She now has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in the medical field. My brother and I are both in college and did not become a statistic of the black community. Looking at the US census in 2000 the brief states that children are less likely to obtain further education and live below the poverty line. But I’ve never known a day I went hungry or wanted for anything my mother always made sure we wanted or nothing and instilled in us morals and standards. A lot of people talk about how a child raised in a single mother household don’t  turn out right well I can give you a couple of examples of people who flourished in a single parent household.

Dr Ben Carson the first doctor to separate Siamese twins.
Former President Bill Clinton
Alicia Keys
Current President Barack Obama
Dorothy Dandridge (never knew her father raised by her mother and lesbian lover)
Mary Shelley
Oprah Winfrey

She may not have always done everything right, but she did right by us and I wouldn’t change a thing about my childhood. My brother isn’t selling drugs or in jail and I finished High School and do not have any kids so she must have done something right. The family structure is changing and more single mother families are emerging and they are some powerful women who raise children just as well if not better than two parent households. I even found a forum website that supports single mothers (Link).



My grandmother, Myself, My Great-Grandmother, and My Mother after graduation


Myself, My Mother, My younger Sister & Brother at my moms Birthday Dinner this year



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  1. I grew with my mother and father but we stayed with my mama and my dad past away so she was left to raise 5 daughters. We all turned out decent all because of my mother and I cherish my mother for being a good mother because she didn’t have to be. She went without sometimes so we could have clothes to wear and food to eat and I appreciate her for it all. Single mothers and fathers are super heroes to me because they do everything that 2 parents can do and sometimes they do it better.

  2. I grew up with my father until i was around 10 and then he left so I think I can look at it from both angles. I think my mother did a fantastic job raising me, especially considering she was in school when my dad left. I feel its left me stronger as a person and I commend anyone who doesn’t have a partner to raise their children with because it can be really rough.

  3. Yes! Shoutouts to the single mothers!

    My mother is a huge inspiration to me because despite her being a foreigner of this county and could barely speak any English, she raised two little girls alone. She made sure all of the necessities were covered in the house, and thankfully I never had to worry about food or having a roof over my head. Though it was hard growing up with a mother you couldn’t fully communicate with, I am very proud to have her in my life. She raised me to be as strong and independent as she was and though I plan not to be a single mother, I do feel confident that I will have the strength to do it if necessary.

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