Black Women and Their Role in the Black Church

This is the link of the article I read and it talks about the role of women in the black church. I like this article because I personally grew up in an all black church and that’s where my roots of learning about God and being a Christian is all about and what is required of me to live a Christian life. In the article it talks about how women dominate the congregation and the pastor is usually a male. Well in the AME Zion church we do have a lot of men pastors but there are some women preachers as well and my church even had 3 women pastors since I’ve been alive and now one of them is the 1st black woman Bishop. The question of “Why are black women so faithful to the Black church?” was asked and so Daphne Wiggins went to find out that answer. She interviewed 38 women from 2 major churches in Georgia, Calvary Baptist Church and Layton Temple Church of God in Christ and they were a diverse group of women in age, occupation and marital status. Some women didn’t make a big about “gender inequity” and that they have a mission in the church to hold it together. This was the case in the Civil Rights Movement because black women were never really seen on the forefront of it but in the background doing all the work of the church and making sure everything was organized for the protest and their meetings.


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  1. I grew up in a Baptist church and as a little girl I never heard or saw a woman peacher in church. I can remember when the men would preach there were no women allowed up in the poolpit. The woman were in the kitchen cooking and watching over the children. There were no nurseys or daycare services within the church.

    It was not until I became an adult when I heard a female preacher and it was not an African American woman, it was on television and it was Joyce Myers. It is truly sad to know women are making strides but the battle is far from over.

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