Black Lesbian Female

This blog is about the difficulties of coming out gay in the African American community.  An African American lesbian may experience pressure from her family, church, and society.  The deep roots of the community normally begins in the church; which is why most family will make moral judgment, that being gay is a sin, or wrong.  It has been documented that African Americans use the bible in the same way as white slave owners used it against their ancestors; the bible is turned in a form of oppression.  In my Lesbian and Gay Identity Development and Social Movement course, I learned that it was harder for an African American woman to come out verse a white male or female.  It is harder for us due to the stress and strain place on us by our own community.  This in turn reinforces a strong personality within someone who is black and gay; being a woman you are already are subjugated sexism, classism, and racism.  You have to be a strong person to add another label onto yourself; lesbians impose the oppression of heterosexism on themselves when become open to society.  We live a hard life which makes us stronger than most, to know you are adding another characteristic that would make you more open to another for m of oppression.  Most people would do anything to make themselves fit into society not stand out.  It was a surprise to me to know that the gay community also has a dominating controlling power that is white males.  Society has learned to accept gays that are white and male.  I thought we were all oppressed by society in the same way.  I was even more surprise when I found out that my people who have been oppressed would place that same oppression on a another minority group.


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  1. I agree with you and the subject because I have several lesbian cousins. Growing up in a small town my cousin was dressed in girly clothes, bow in her hair and lace socks. In today’s society we are more open to diversity opposed to the early eighties and nineties. You were ridiculed by the church and other family members. Once they knew of your sexual orientation you were looked down upon. I do believe it is harder for African American women to come out because you are already fighting society for equality. This is another obstacle that we have to endure.

  2. In high school, I remember friends who lived a double life of being homosexual in their private life while appearing to be heterosexual in public. One friend was open about his sexuality to everyone but his mother. When she found out, he was kicked out his house for months. Luckily they were able to eventually move past it but sadly their relationship has never been the same.

    Now, it seems like its a “trend” almost to be gay/lesbian. Everywhere I turn, more and more people are coming out of the closet. I think it may be due to the media (i.e. Lady Gaga, Perez, Queen Latifah) actively supporting gay/lesbian rights. I feel like the world is changing for the better and people are being to open their minds to something other than “traditional.” With time, I feel that within African American community will become more welcoming to other sexualities. They will have no choice as it seems all other communities are becoming to.

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