The Effects of Willie Lynch on Women….

For those of you who don’t know who Willie Lynch is, he was a British slave owner who taught U.S. slave owners how to control their slaves.   The word “lynching” is derived from his last name.  He spoke of many ways to condition your slave but lynching wasn’t one of them, he considered it a waste of property.  He spoke of turning the slaves against one another by using age, skin tone, and sex.  One example of this is the house slave and field slave theory.  If you were light skinned you were made to work inside, but if you dark skinned you worked in the field; this method was used to create envy among the slaves.   This put a wedge in the African American community that I feel still goes on today.  Especially among women, I believe African American women separate themselves based off complexion.  Small examples are AKAs and Deltas, light skinned women are normally AKAs, and Dark or brown skinned are Deltas.  I’ve heard the same stigmatism between black altos, and sopranos.  I suppose it was learned through our interactions through media marketing.  Majority of the earlier advertisement for black products or people always included a fair skinned woman.  So we associated beauty with a lighter skin, the closest to white.  It hurts my heart that we as a people don’t like our color.  I haven’t seen love for a black skin shown in a profound way since the Black Panther Party.  Studies like the black doll shows how it has even trickled down to little black girls.  That have it engrained in their minds that lighter is whiter which is prettier.  It makes me afraid to have a black daughter; no child should have to feel that.


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