Republicans V. Everyone Else

If you turn on  a major news station, chances are the correspondents will be talking about the up coming presidential election. It has been a particularly nasty election already, with mud flinging against the president and other candidates at an all time high. Ron Paul landed in hot water when news stations got a hold of one of his old news letters wherein he describes African American men as being trained to be criminal. He denies writing the statements, instead pointing out that he does not actually write the newsletter, and often never read them.  I have been a casual Ron Paul supporter for years, so I found these statements to be shocking coming from such an intelligent man. It made me think of what the other candidates have been saying, and it has not been good.

Rick Perry’s family ranch in named Niggerhead. That is all kinds of inappropriate, but not necessarily his fault.

Newt Gingrich has been quoted as saying that black teenagers should be employed as janitors at their high school so they can learn the pride of hard work. He has also be quoted as calling Pres. Obama “the greatest welfare president”. Gingrich has been a high profile political figure for years so the fact that he felt this way wasn’t what surprised me; I was surprised he won South Carolina.

Mitt Romney repeated used the statement, “Keep America America”. The statement smacks of nativism and “Keep America American”, with the n, is an old Ku Klux Klan slogan. Romney claims ignorance.

Herman Cain is not exempt from his own racially charged comments just because he conceded defeat. He once compared the democratic party to a plantation, and likening himself and other black republicans as runaway slaves. he has also expressed interest in an electrified fence across the U.S./Mexican border. These comments recieved less backlash, perhaps because his campaign was already being sullied with a sex scandal. Cain appeared as a puppet for the Tea Party, not unlike former Republican Chairman Micheal Steele was for the Republican Party.

What does it say about the state of the Republican party that they cannot get  many legitimate African American politicians to join their party? Republicans are pushing the issue of class warfare very heavily this election.  Many candidates have alluded the laziness of the poor as being a large part of the troubled economy. This in turn makes it a racial issue when their examples for poverty are always black people. What does it say about the state of the political arena when labeling the poor and those without means as the parasites of the nation is what garners votes?


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  1. You have raised some salient points here. This election is definitely one to watch. I contend that the issue of “race” and “class” will be key during this election cyle. It sounds as if you are already doing this but, pay close attention to what is said and what is unsaid. It is going to be an interesting ride.

  2. You demonstrate a keen political awareness here, with the level of detail with which you’ve analyzed the goings-on of this campaign. I used to struggle to understand, if the Republican party wanted to lead the country to a better place, why they would support the positions they did. Why try to cut off unemployment to the nearly 10% of Americans out of work, while claiming to want to help? Why focus on cutting taxes for the rich when comapnies are laying off because regular middle-class and poor people don’t have enough money to spend to keep them in business? Then I realized that the party is funded, bought,and paid for by the wealthy, and that their specific mission is to support the interests of their sponsors. Once you realize that the party is not trying to better the lot of ALL Americans, but that of the wealthy, everything else they do suddenly makes sense. Small wonder they have such a dismal membership from Black folks. One of the skills we have always had out of necessity, is the ability to tell who our friends are, and who are our enemies.

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