Pressure Black men put on Black women

The other day me and my friends were having a conversations with some of our friends and we got into a discussion about how black men put pressure on black women, and how black women put pressure on black men.

They Stated some good points saying that men put pressure on women by only dating a certain type of woman, as far as hair, body parts, and other appearances. But in the meantime the guy can really look how ever he wants too if they are in a relationship and it is suppose to be accepted just because they are the man in the relationship and they dont have to do any work. As far as their appearance or housework. they also stated that men make women feel like they are competing for their man with other women which is why it makes them insecure at times in the relationship.

In our rebuttal we stated that women pressure men more than women are pressured as far as relationships and even before, that the man does not only have to make majority of the money but regardless if the woman works or not, and all of his money is spent on the necessities, of living while the woman an feel free to spend money on all of her wants. Also after a man comes home from a long day of work he is badgered by the woman because he is considered to be not doing enough work at home as far as parenting or chores around the house. Then if the women makes more money than the man, she tends to hold it over the man’s head and is kind of looked down upon.


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  1. Later on in the course, we will read about some of the ways that women have dealt with this “pressure.” Collins asks us to think about why some women believe they should bear some of the pressures men place on them. Revisit this and share your thoughts as we explore Black Sexual Politics.

  2. This is definitely a conversation that has two sides. There is pressure placed on the man, but I think the pressure is one on the woman. Yes, we have to look good all the time. If we decide not to put on make- up or wear something that is pleasing to our body, men think we are letting ourselves go. Women have to be pretty all day and come home, take off the pretty clothes and become mommy. Yes, men want their women beautiful but they also want the house cleaned, children taken care of and dinner. There are stereotypes that men should take care of the “family” but should women be allowed to spend their money on what they want? Men may see that women spend their money on whatever they want but they do not see when women “find” money to pay that light bill that is over-due or take that $20 she was hiding in her drawer to put gas in the car until payday.

  3. There are two sides to every story. Men feel as though it is a woman’s job to look pretty 24/7 while taking care of children while also taking care of his needs. However, some men do not seem to realize the burden that is placed on women to be this super woman image. But the same can be said for men, they may feel that it can be some what overwhelming to make the money that society says that a man should make in order to take care of his family. And for some men if the wife makes more it can be extremely frustrating if the wife continues to throw in his face that she is in charge of making the decisions for the house because it is her money.

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