Good Hair vs Bad Hair & “Self Hate”

I’m pretty positive that everyone is aware of the good hair vs bad hair issue going on within the African American community. I was having a discussion with a couple of friends of mine who had recently decided to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. They were explaining to me the  reason that they have come to this decision and their thoughts and feelings of Black woman who chose to relax their hair. Their argument was that they believe that relaxing their hair was a way to conform to “Caucasian” ways and is a sign showing that we hate our natural selves.




As a woman of color that relaxes her hair. I believe that this issue is blown out of proportion. I do believe that for some individuals, they choose to put chemicals in their hair because they do not particular care for their natural hair textures. I was natural up until I was in the ninth grade, then I asked my mom if  could get a relaxer. I did not make this decision because I didn’t like my hair, I just wanted to change my hairstyle.

The argument of what’s “good” hair or “bad” hair also falls into this category. Many people believe that fine, straight, wavy or loosely curled hair is considered to be “good” hair because this type is straight on its own without using chemicals. “bad” hair is coarse, wiry hair. I always believed that “good hair” was healthy hair, no matter the texture. I just wish Black woman would become more aware that the way we wear our hair shouldn’t be a major political issue.


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  1. Have you seen the documentary “Good Hair” by Chris Rock? It raises key issues regarding Black women’s hair. I was amazed to find out the amount of money some people invest in getting artificial hair when their own hair is naturally beautifiul. Sometimes, the ideas people have about hair are due to socialization. Think about the daily messages you get about hair through media images. I was recently reading an issue of Essence and was impressed by the coverage of natural hair. This increasing shift to natural hairstyles among Black women is seemingly a new trend that is reminiscent of the Afros of the 1960. “Black is beautiful”!

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