Black women vs. White women and the “WOW” factor

I recently observed a black woman and a white woman both apply for similar positions and both equally qualified, but yet the black woman got the position. Now the only problem that I have with this situation is that the black woman only got the position because she was black. Now what may come to mind when someone first hear this may be the company is trying to meet a quota or some sort of affirmative action. The underlying story behind the black woman getting the position over the white woman is that it is typical that between looking at a black woman and a white woman, that the white woman would excel and “of course” be a good fit for the job.  In this situation seeing that the black woman and the white woman were completely equal in credentials and qualifications, it would be looked more highly upon if the company showcased a sophisticated, smart, good looking black woman(which is not typical supposedly), versus a white woman who being in the position is not anything unsual considering that is the typical type person who holds the position. To sum it up, a not expected black woman in the position would look better than the white woman who is the same old, same old, nothing special. I really see this as ludicrous. It just shows and capitalizes on the fact that there are still indiscretions in the workplace pertaining to people of color. The fact that the black woman would be such a “wow” factor makes you say to yourself, if their were a more workplace it would not be such a rare thing to see a black woman in a quality position, compared to a white woman, because you would see more of a diverse workplace. This to me just seems as if black people still have a ways to go, and despite all of the affirmative actions and policies put in place, jobs are still doing things their way.


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  1. To comment I want to say that there are pros and cons to everything. The pro is that the AA woman obtained the job because that is a step for women of color in the corporate world but the downside is that she only got the job because of her color. It seems that for one step we take they knock us back 3 steps. I wish that the corporate world or job market period would stay away from color. Companies need to solely focus on credentials and how well the person interviews not their skin color.

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