Black Men Who Prefer Light Women

While watching BET hit show “The Game”, I realized an important issue amongst the African American community: black men who only date light or white women. One of the main characters, Jason Pitts, is a perfect example of this. He is light skinned male who is constantly teased about his preferences of women as it is obvious he prefers white women over black. When he does decide to date black girls, they are lighter in skin tone with straight hair (white features).

While I am light skinned, I am perturbed by this issue. Being a student on UNCC campus, I have encountered many black males who only will date light skin women (who are usually bi-racial) or white women. Coming from a bi-racial home myself, I’m personally for “mixed” relationships. However, my problem is when guys purposely exclude dating girls who fit a racial profile. I find it extremely disrespectful to black women as it can be viewed that black girls are not as special as someone who is light or mixed. Just like Chardonnay in The Game, black women are then subjected to negative stereotypes as bitter, money hungry, and ugly. When I encounter men who has these preferences, I always question where they get their perception of women from. I just find it interesting that black men will exclude black girls even though their own mothers are black!

In this season of The Game, I do believe that Jason is going to come to terms with his selection for women. In the first espoide, Jason realized his daughter was beginning to perceive men the same way he saw women. Picking his daughter up from the movies, he discovered she was dating a white boy. Questioning her decision, he was shocked when she stated she learned it from him through his choice of women. This in addiction to being called out about his ways, I feel that he will open his mind to include black women in his dating pool.

It really is a sad thing to come across black men who are prejudice over black women. How can we tell our children that black is beautiful if black men is defining beauty as light or white?


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  1. I just had this discussion with a group of friends the other week! I found it good that Jason got a dose of his own medicine when seeing Brittany, his daughter, was dating white males. It also bothers me that some black males only date light skinned girls. Being that I am light skinned, my mother is darker skin and was teased when she was younger not only by people at her school but her lighter siblings who were not even that much lighter than her. This issue has been in existence for a long time and it’s sad to say that it may never be resolved.

  2. This issue of “light v.s. dark” is unfortunately a type of racism that exists in our own ethnic group. After we have had many years of struggle for equality , it is sad to see that we haven’t made that much progress within our own community. Jason definitely was shocked when he saw his younger daughter Brittany with a Caucasian male. I personally have nothing against people dating out of their race. The problem is that for some reason people have this mentality that “white is right” ,therefore, Black males prefer Black females that are lighter in complexion if not Caucasian.

  3. This is so interesting to me. I really don’t get it! White girls strive to be tan, black girls want to be lighter. Black is BEAUTIFUL! We have been reviewing in my body image class how the “skin bleaching” industry is on the rise. The TITLE even makes me cringe. Society as a whole has become dysmorphic to their image. No matter how many times growing up your parents tell their daughters how beautiful they are, society has a way to somehow make young girls think otherwise.

  4. i have noticed this alot me personally being a black man, I typically dont care about the light or darkness of a women because the tone of a women skin color doesnt determine if she is compatible or not. Honestly growing up I was raised to stay away from white women because they will get a black man in trouble. Then also you have the stereotype that “all light skin girls are crazy”, so it could go either way it seems from my stand point the lighter you are the more problems the male faces “steretypically”

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