Woman on Top

The time is right for women to excel and step into challenges of leadership. Research shows that in recessionary times like these, firms with more women in higher executive positions perform better than women with less. Womens’ Roles have evolved so much in the past ten years and to see women like Sheryl Sandberg take advantage of this and speak out about the issue is amazing to me. Seeing a sucess story like Sandberg’s is very empowering and throughout the next couple of years I believe that women like her, sharing their success story, will become more and more frequent, which EXCITES me!

My favorite part of Sheryl Sanberg’s speech is when she talks says “make your partner a real partner.” Sharing the roles I believe is a start to equal success beween genders. She talks about going to her child’s school functions and the father (who stays at home) is the only one to play with their children at the function. Sandberg talks about the exploitatuin that comes along with women in the workplace. If a man stays at home he is looked at as “The family man” but women are not percieved as that. And if women are in the workplace they are percieved as “selfish” for taking advantage of time with their children.

Woman on Top   <<<<<Click on this link to watch the video 🙂


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  1. I am very passionate about women excelling in the employment sector of the economy. I think it is very important for women to recognize the amount of power they could have by utilizing their resources and going all the way to the top! I personally want to be a future District Attorney for the State which is a powerful position for a woman! Despite my career goals, I want to still have a family and be a big part of my children lives!

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